Peru Churupampa


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Finca Churupampa is located in the Chirrinos, San Ignacio region of Northern Peru. It originally started in 2011 as a family farm and has grown to 162 producing members currently, including families in the districts of Chirinos, Coipa and Tabaconas. These members are certified Organic, and are really focusing on improving quality of life of its producers and quality of the coffee. Many of the producers have raised beds for drying, and every batch received is cupped and separated by qualities. Churupampa offers various benefits to coffee families as they are focusing on quality varietals, started using organic fertilizers/micro-organisms, and also serves as a sustainable agro-business for self-consumption based on mutual commitment and trust, product quality and environmental care.

Support in quality assurance is done by providing assistance with plant and grain management using sustainable agronomic and environmental care, fertilizer application and coffee is evaluated in a controlled laboratory. They also provide producing families with information on business opportunities for various qualities of coffee, communicates market context, marketing assistance and price differentials based on cup quality.


Country: Perui

Region: Chirinos, San Ignacio

Altitude: 1500 -1700 masl

Producer: Finca Churupampa

Processing: Washed Sun Dried

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