Borealis Espresso


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Borealis is a blend of coffees from South America and East Africa/Asia. The coffees are blended drawing inspiration from the great northern forests and the Aurora Borealis. This coffee is bright and lively with a sparkling acidity that as a straight espresso dances like the Northern Lights. This coffee is blended in such a way that it is sweet and balanced as a black espresso but still holds its own when milk is added. This is a great main stay for any cafe or home barista looking for consistency in flavour throughout the year. 

Tasting Notes

Tastes of nougat and lemon custard, crisp and bright with a smooth mouth feel

The current seasons coffees in the blend are Colombia and Sumatra

**We keep the amounts of each coffees in our blend as a roasters secret. We do this partially so you can just enjoy it as a fuss free good coffee, and partially just because we can.

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