Advanced Cupping - June 17th 2018


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Advanced Cupping - June 17th 2018

In our advanced cupping session you will dive deeper into the complexities of coffee and its world of flavours. Individually you will use SCAA standard cupping forms to score each coffee you taste in the session. As a group you will utilize the flavour wheel to discuss flavours and how they relate to each other. 

Depending on each individual group the topics discussed could include things like:

Acidity, the different types of acids present in coffee and how they affect our experience with it

Body, how brew strength, roast profile, and other variables affect the body of coffee

Mouthfeel, what affects it and what it means to coffee

Flavour, what it is and how to identify specific flavours

Fragrance and Aroma, why is it important and how it is linked to other attributes of coffee


To partake in an Advanced cupping you must either have attended one of our Public Cupping sessions or be confirmed to take part by us. These sessions intend to take things a bit deeper and to ensure the quality of the session for all participants we reserve the right to allow only those approved to take part.

Sunday June 17th 2-3pm

Fee: $15 (pay at the door)

Please email your name and contact number to if you are interested in registering. 

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