Saskatoons first latte art throwdown

Casey Loseth

Last weekend was a great moment for Saskatchewans emerging coffee culture. We hosted what is believed to be our provinces first latte art throwdown. Two baristas compete head to head to see who can pour the smoothest, most elaborate, most symetrical, and most beautiful designs on lattes. It was amazing, people came from a few different places in the province to compete, and we couldn't have squeezed any more people into the cafe. 
We're excited to be able to host events like this, we do it not do this for the recognition, or our ego, We do this because we believe in community. We hope that by hosting events such as this we will build a stronger community around coffee where people can feel like they know each other, and can approach each other to learn and push themselves. We are a solid diverse group of people each with very different skill and knowledge sets. We hope that our efforts will strengthen our community.


September Latte art throw down

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