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Casey Loseth

Understanding that coffee is a controllable item is a key part of our beliefs at Venn. We strongly believe that coffee isn't something mystical or moody, but something that is understandable and predictable, As Merlin said "Behind all magic is science".

We offered our first home brewing class this past weekend, and it was a blast. We aimed to educate in an accessible and uncomplicated way, giving people the ability to have a better more repeatable cup of coffee at home without making it fussy. The class was led by Kathryn who is both a Roaster and Barista with us, she has now a few years of experience behind her both working and teaching others how to make great coffee, she was very clearly in her element here.

Kathryn focused on two popular brew methods, the Hario V60 and the Aeropress. Her aim was to give people an understanding of how different brew methods yield different flavours, but also how brew methods can be used in different ways to also yield different flavours. Here we include her class worksheet so that you can try the methods taught in the class. 


Over all the class was a huge success and we will absolutely be holding this class, and others in the future. Keep your eyes and ears open.



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  • I can’t see your face! No pics of the outside of your shop. (I’ll still drop by on my next trip to Saskatoon).

    Brian Smyth

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