Ethically sourced coffee, carefully roasted and offered with love from the heart of the flatlands.

Venn is the Norwegian word for “friend”

We started off as simple friends brought together by the things we enjoy: coffee, baking, and good honest conversation. In time, it was clear the aggregate of our experience could form something special—something we’re excited to share with the city we love. Venn Coffee is a Saskatoon based coffee shop and micro-roastery. The shop is located in a quiet and out of the way alley way just off of the busy shopping district that is Broadway Ave. The alley allows us to focus on our craft without the mainstreet distractions, as well as creating a quiet “secret spot” atmosphere. Coffee roasting is at the heart of our business, but it is not the focus of our business. What matters to us is the people involved in the whole process. We roast our own coffee because we believe being in control of our processes is the best way to showcase the hard work contributed by the farmers, and as a company based on the prairies we understand and empathize with all the work that goes into running a farm.

We also believe that being able to be a part of the purchasing process allows us to be more involved in the farmers livelihoods. At this stage in our story that means we are sourcing coffees from importers who care about the farmers and are doing everything they can to contribute to a healthy and thriving life for the farming communities. In the future we hope this will evolve into our own trips to origin to purchase coffees directly from farmers, and to build lasting and meaningful relationships with them. Locally we strive to be a positive part of our community. We put everything we have into creating a welcoming space that is open to everyone. We strive to support other small businesses through various methods, like getting our pastries from the local bakery The Night Oven, or helping out in the coffee truck Last Mile. Long story short, coffee is our way of connecting with people. Products by the people for the people.

Venn can be found to drink or purchase at:

The Night Oven Bakery

The Hollows

Primal Pasta

Hometown Diner

The Better Good

Nokomis Brewery

Evergreen Coffee

Three Treasures

Soul Foods

Core Coffee

Darkside Donuts


830 Dufferin Avenue
Saskatoon, SK
S7H 0J7, Canada

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